Full Time RVing – How Much Does It Cost?

As I begin our planning to eventually become full-time RVers, like our business partners Mike and Donna, I wanted to take a look at what it really costs to go full-time. I know the typical cost such as fuel, RV maintenance, food, insurance etc. but I also want to know about some of the unexpected cost involved in the full-time RV lifestyle.

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I turned to YouTube to find any good videos of someone who is already a full-timer and willing to talk about their expenses. I came across a video by Kyle and Olivia. They are a young couple who travel the country in a 16ft vintage camper.  They work on the road from online on their Etsy shop. They began their full-time adventure in September of 2015.  Below is their video.


To learn more about Kyle and Oliva you can check out their blog Drivin and Vibin and also their very cool Etsy shop.