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Below are verified customer reviews of the Alert Command. (Both first and second generation models)

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  1. Bryon Schue

    Installed the shore power unit and was happy on the easy installation. It took about 3 hours and a day to plan and get parts due to my in mechanical engineering past life of over thinking. Now I can leave the four foots in the Motor Coach without worrying about heat issues. The install was on a Onan 5500, 9 year old rig.

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  2. davidjean842

    The product is great! Works exactly as it is designed to work. Now we can leave and not worry that our beloved dog will be left and get overheated in the California desert sun. We had an issue installing, it had nothing to do with the product or installation instructions provided, but with the power supply at the RV Park where we are staying. Called Mike, the co-owner and he helped troubleshoot until we got it all figured out. Awesome product and awesome support from RV Automation. Thanks Mike!!

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  3. Eric Lee Fleming

    I bought this, knowing very little about electrical but had the need. The install is so simple, but this, a few screws for mounting, some 16ga wires and maybe some wire tubing to make it pretty. Grab a cold drink and about 10 minutes the system is in. Customer service is amazing, perfect is awesome.

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  4. Tim Kempf

    As full time RV’ers we purchased this unit from RV Automations and it works perfectly. For only $250, it gives my wife and I piece of mind that when we are both working and the shore power goes out the generator kicks on automatically so our pets are safe in our RV. When the power comes back on the generator shuts off automatically. The Shore power monitor is a genius invention. Mike from RV Automations was extremely helpful and I love this product.
    We live in Oklahoma where the weather can be extreme. Lightning strikes are common and so making sure our RV is protected from possible shore power interruptions is essential. High recommend this product a must have for RV’ers.

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  5. Mark Elmore

    I installed the shore power monitor in my 5th wheel about 2 1/2 years ago it has saved me lots of times it turns on within 30 seconds from power going off. It has saved the food in my refrigerator many times. I am not sure how I lived without shore power monitor it awesome.

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  6. Jeff Koska

    First let me say I have no affiliation at all in any way with this company just a extremely happy customer.

    I been wanting one of these systems in our RV for a long time because we want to go out to dinner, explore places and leave the pets behind in Air Conditioned comfort. But what if while we are gone the power goes out and it is 90 deg outside. The RV would be an oven in no time. But not with this clever little device.

    Yes, I know this is not a new system but in a way it is. Mainly because it is so simple in its design so therefor it is easy to install. Anyone with beginner skills can hook this up and save hundreds in labor cost. It is not like some of the others that have all kinds of sensors and what I call opportunities to fail. This unit just turns the generator on when power is lost and turns it off when it comes back on so your unit will continue to be air conditioned. What a peace of mind that is for you and your pets.

    Now if that was not enough the guys who own the company also work the phones. They are like your two best friends. Always available for help if you need it. They made sure my system was sent out ASAP even though the shipper guy Ray was leaving on a Cruse that day. He still made time to get my system in the mail. Talk about old time customer service? Wow.

    Now opening the box you may feel a little intimidated when you see the wires, but just follow the easy to read schematic one wire at a time and in the end you will think “That was easy and really fun to do.” I did call and Mike helped me trouble shoot a mistake I made and I was up and running in no time.

    So save yourself some big bucks and be assured Mike will help you get this life saving system installed. Oh yeah it is also a good chunk of money less than the other guys complicated Auto Generator Start System.

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