Why Alert Command?

Monitors Shore Power

It monitors shore power right from the 50/30 amp pedestal. No modifications needed to your inverter panel or transfer switch.

3 Operating Modes

Monitors when you’re connected to shore power, dry camping, also works in shore power mode if you don’t have a generator installed.

Any Cellular Network

The Alert Command automatically switches between local carriers to ensure you have top performance and never lose service. No Wi-Fi needed.

Easy To Install

Install it yourself or have your dealer do it for you. No complicated wiring. Comes with heavy-duty connectors and Posi-Taps for effortless wire splicing.

No Programming

The Alert Command is designed to work right out of the box. No confusing programming is needed for set up. Simply turn-on and you’re connected.

Parallel Use

Runs parallel with any factory installed auto generator start system, or in conjunction with any smart RV monitoring applications.

Alert Command AGS “Ease of Use Redefined”

Shore Power Monitoring

In this mode the Alert Command monitors your RV site shore power. If shore power is lost the Alert Command will:

  • Text you an alert indicating shore power was lost.
  • Automatically start your generator and text you an alert indicating the generator was started.

When shore power is restored the Alert Command will:

  • Automatically shut off your generator
  • Text you an alert indicating shore power has been restored and your generator has been shut off.

Dry Camping Mode

In dry camping mode the Alert Command monitors your generator status, and it will text you an alert when the generator has started and when it has stopped running.

Class A coach with a factory installed AGS* system will receive text alerts when the generator has started and when the generator has stopped.

* Works in parallel with your factory installed AGS system.

Shore Power / No Gen Mode

In the Shore Power / No Gen Mode the Alert Command will monitor your shore power and alert you if shore power is lost and when shore power is restored.

Simple 4-wire connection is all that’s needed.

Temperature Monitoring

The Alert Command was designed to monitor the inside temperature of your RV with the optional temperature monitoring sensor.

It is pre-programmed to send you a text alert when should the inside temperature reaches 85-degress or when the temperature inside your RV drops to 45 degrees.

Text alerts are also sent when the inside temperature goes below 85-degrees or rises above 45 -degrees.

Degrees are in Fahrenheit.

Alerts Keep You Informed

The Alert Command has built-in texting capabilities that keep you informed of various conditions. Below is a list of the pre-programmed text alerts.

Pause and resume service anytime

  • Alert Command: Enabled and Connected
  • Alert Command: Shore Power Lost
  • Alert Command: Shore Power Restored and Generator Off
  • Alert Command: Generator Started and Running
  • Alert Command: Generator Turned Off
  • Alert Command: Inside temperature is over 85 degrees
  • Alert Command: Inside temperature is below 85 degrees
  • Alert Command: Inside temperature is below 45 degrees
  • Alert Command: Inside temperature is above 45 degrees

Rugged design, compact and durable. Can be installed inside your RV, generator compartment, or near the transfer switch.

Enclosure: Length: 7 1/2″ Width: 4 3/4″ Height: 1 1/2″

What’s included in the box? (1) Alert Command, (2) Heavy-Duty Screw Connectors, (1) 120V Inline Fuse, (4) Posit-Taps, (1) Temp Sensor Optional

Have you thought about the following?

If you lost shore power while gone from your RV what would happen to:

  • Your pets
  • The food in your refrigerator
  • Heat-sensitive items such as candles, digital electronics

Are you always going to be around to start your generator if your shore power is lost?

Does your motorhome or RV even have an automatic generator starter?

If it does is it simple to use and program or are you getting program error?

Does it work like it’s supposed to?

The Alert Command is an auto generator start system for RVs that will monitor your shore power and will auto-start your generator when a power outage occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Vandals tripping breakers to the off position
  • Weather-related (tornadoes, ice storms,  gusty wind, power surges)
  • Local power companies taking power down for maintenance

When shore power is restored the Alert Command will disable and shut down the generator and will return to monitoring your shore power.

Why Buy the Alert Command?

Affordable at only $378397.00 (excludes tax and shipping).
Low-cost monthly text subscription ($14.99/mo)
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
Not happy with the product simply return for a full refund. No questions asked.
Full support from us.
We’ll even provide support to your dealer or installer.
3-Year Limited Warranty

Simply Amazing

I installed the Alert Command in my 5th wheel, and works perfectly. It has saved the food in my refrigerator many times. I am not sure how I lived without the Alert Command. It works perfectly right out of the box.
Mark Elmore
Happy Customer

Protect your pets and your perishables!